My Investing Strategy

Today I want to talk about a variation of lifetime investing strategy.  When you read some of the better investing blogs out there, I have found many talk about buying shares of the company whose products they buy, and they then use the companies’ dividend to pay for their purchases of the products from that company.  For example, some people buy a hundred shares of coca cola which will pay over a $130 in dividends in 2015 that they then use for their yearly purchases of Mexican Coke at Costco.  Some will buy a thousand shares of Disney and use Disney’s yearly dividend to subsidize a trip to Disneyland. (more…)

Taking Ownership of the Risks and Opportunities in Your Life

I know that this is a post that many of you will read, give it a minute’s consideration, then promptly go about your lives soon forgetting what this post was about.  All I can do is beg that you read it and at least consider acting on it.  Here is the quote made famous by the investing legend Peter Lynch: Know what you own. (more…)

Getting Paid to Save Money: the Savers Credit

Some of the most poignant issues in the US today is how to help the middle class retire on more than $1000 per month social security checks.  Whether it is hiking taxes or cutting benefits, entitlement reform is going to be an issue that is going to be present for a very long time.  (more…)

Individual Development Accounts: A Stepping Stone to a Larger World

Many of us go through life always looking for that little extra push or edge that we need to get ourselves over the blocks that life throws at us.  Unfortunately though, life seems to have a weird knack for occasionally making those opportunities harder to find than we feel that they need to be.  This particularly applies to some of the truly hidden gems that have the potential to really help boost people through their lives and to their goals. (more…)

Mortgage Credit Certificates

In Maslow’s hierarchy of needs food, water, and shelter have the distinction of forming the base of all human needs.  In recognition of this, various entities throughout history have sprung up to answer this necessity that makes us who we are. All of us want to own a home that we feel can be a sanctuary for us and our families. Not only this, but in addition, part of American society and culture has placed a marker of adulthood by  encouraging young adults to find their own place to live.  Part of America’s answer are mortgage credit certificates. (more…)

Youth and Opportunity Cost

     Our teens and twenties are supposed to be fun and carefree; that time in life where we don’t have to think about the future.  Unfortunately, that is also the time where it is both the easiest and hardest to start accumulating wealth.  Between education costs, low starting wages, getting married, buying a house, and raising a family, a lot of people have to bootstrap their life during this point. (more…)