Participation in Dividend Reinvestment Plans

I sometimes find it interesting to see how people structure their affairs by investing.  When you go through companies annual reports, you sometimes find how many people participate in their DRIPs.  When I read about participation in dividend reinvestment plans, I always get excited about actual real world evidence that people will be financially independent on the dividends these companies are sending them. (more…)

Using Leverage in Life

Debt, it’s something that can make or break you.  Almost every American uses leverage to buy their homes, to buy a car, and many use it to buy consumer items.  Many millionaires have used leverage to build their wealth.  More likely, however, you are aware of the stories of men and women who bet it all and lost.  Leverage has taken down men like Ben Graham, Warren Buffett’s mentor, when he utilized debt while investing during the eve of the great depression wiping him out. (more…)

Investing in Alcohol

A lot of people I know are always looking for a market beating investment.  Today a lot of people are buying companies that aren’t even making money at ridiculous prices.  Meanwhile an industry that has continuously beaten the market over long periods of time sits almost semi-ignored.  The industry, if you are wondering, is alcohol.  Investing in alcohol has proven to be one of the most lucrative places to invest in over multi decade periods.  (more…)