Measuring Your Wealth

One of the natural human tendencies that a lot of people have is to compare themselves to their peers.  In life a lot of people will be measuring your wealth in relation to their own, rightly or wrongly, as a tool of comparison.  In common parlance this deals directly with the saying, “keeping up the Joneses.”  However, since it is generally socially unacceptable to ask how much money other people have, you have to guess where you stack up. (more…)

Student Loan Aid for Nurses

In the knowledge economy that we are transitioning to, the skills you develop are going to determine how much you make.  The days of paying people $30 an hour to perform monotonous tasks in a factory are over.  Now, in the new economy, it will be your ideas, and skills that you possess in your mind that will determine the amount of money you can make.  This will be a huge shift for nurses because with the doctor shortage coming up, nurses will be increasingly in demand.  Since healthcare is so important the government offers student loan aid for nurses as a sweetener. (more…)

Always Keep Shopping for Assistance to Buy your Home

Whether it is buying a car, or getting a personal loan, most people don’t get the best deals available.  Whether it is a lack of knowing how to negotiate, or dealing with a time crunch, circumstances crop up that keep people from getting the best deals.  This goes all the way to homeownership.  When you are looking at housing, always keep shopping for assistance to buy your home.  You may know about FHA, VA, and a few other national programs, but the search doesn’t stop there. (more…)

Being a Good Neighbor Can Save You Money

Whenever my parents told me to be a good neighbor, and citizen, I was always like, “ok are we done moralizing now, everyone knows that.”  Well it turns out, being a good neighbor can, apparently, save you money as well!  The program that is run by the US government’s Housing and Urban Development is known as Good Neighbor Next Door.  The program is for teachers, firefighters, police officers, and EMTs, and allows them to buy homes in designated revitalization areas for a 50% discount. (more…)

Roth Thrift Savings Plan for our Military Service Members

Many of the goals of a modern society is to provide trails for people to use so that they can get ahead in life.  In the United States of America, we as a society have made the military one of those roads to success.  From VA loans to free college education, the military can serve as one of the simplest (though not necessarily the easiest) ways to reaching financial independence.  One of the programs that the US military has offered our service members is an account known as a Roth thrift savings plan (TSP). (more…)

The California Veteran Tuition Waiver

Here’s an interesting fact:  In the USA about one fifth of college graduates, when they get their degree, graduate debt free.  For a lot of my peers, that is a goal that will escape them.  If you are the child of a veteran, your parent was disabled over the course of their service, and you are a resident of California, try to get an appointment at your VA office so that you can discuss the California veteran tuition waiver. (more…)

Be Creative with Saving Money

When I was starting on my journey to financial independence, I was always thinking about big amounts. I remember thinking I needed to save tens of thousands of dollars at a time to make an investment that mattered.  As I got more experienced, I realized that for someone in their twenties, all they need to save is $3,600 a year.  The only skill needed was knowing how to be creative with saving money.  If someone is 25, and they save $3,600 a year until they are 65 achieving a 10% rate of return, they would have almost $1.6 million dollars. (more…)