One Of the New Hampshire Individual Development Accounts is a Fantastic Opportunity

l always knew that New Hampshire would be a great state to live in.  Over at the Community Loan Fund, there is a fantastic New Hampshire IDA that allows for an 8-1 match if you save $500.  Do the math, and that means this program will match you with $4,000 that you can use to buy a house or expand on your education.  The opportunity cost of this New Hampshire Individual Development Account is enormous. (more…)

The Importance of Having a Cash Generating Asset

One of the big stories from September involved the sovereign fund of Norway.  During the month of September the fund’s assets passed a trillion dollars in value.  The root of all this wealth… oil.  Norway has wisely used black gold as a cash generating asset to build its portfolio.  The lessons that responsible governments can learn from this behavior are enormous.  For individual investors on their quest for financial independence, the consequences of learning are life changing. (more…)