An Important Financial Lesson we can Learn from Lebron James

When I think of the finances of professional athletes, I mostly think of the bankruptcies that occur.  Occasionally though, incredible stories shine through.  When I look at what Lebron James has done on and off the court, I am always astounded. On the court, Lebron James is the best player currently playing in the NBA.  Getting triple doubles seems to be almost a given when he wants it.  Off the court, his partnerships with Nike, McDonalds, and other corporations will net him hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars. (more…)

Turning Your Job into Passive Income

Everyone in the world knows the basic concept of a job and a paycheck.  You sell hours of your life at a pre-determined rate to an employer, and depending on the terms, are compensated.  Once compensated, you spend your money on goods and services you want.  If you don’t save any money, or have any money in the bank, you have to go through the process again, and again, and again, and again.  I believe the phrase, running on a treadmill, has been used to describe this phenomenon; particularly if you don’t like your job. (more…)