An Interesting Tuesday Fact

I really need to pay more attention to the interesting facts of life!  San Francisco established a poop patrol to help control human waste that arose from the issues of homelessness in the city.  According to the San Francisco Chronicle, these health workers will make over $71,000 a year, and when you include benefits more than $184,000!

What can we learn from this though?  Well basic economics gives the answer.  Folks who are willing to work disgusting jobs that are needed by civilization that nobody else wants to do can receive a higher wage than they would otherwise get.  Peter Lynch talked about unsexy businesses in the funeral industry and trash whose stocks wouldn’t be bought by mutual funds and laypeople, and the reason why was because they weren’t sexy. In One Up on Wall Street, Peter Lynch detailed plenty of businesses deemed undesirable that had great financial rewards.  The same principle applies here.  Who wants to go to a party and say that they clean human excrement off the street?  I haven’t tried, but I think it would be hard to go to a bar and use that as a pickup line.  However, that scarcity of people willing to do the job is part of the reason why the job pays so well!  The lesson is that if you are willing, you can find great economic niches that have great payback in the so called “dirty jobs” of society.