Businesses that Help Pay for College

One of the biggest omissions from this site that I have made so far is not focusing enough on the private sector and what it offers to those who want to get ahead in life.  It is time that changed.  Today it is time to focus on the businesses that help pay for college.

As corporations increasingly have to compete to retain and keep the best employees they can, a host of benefits have begun to open up for employees.  One of these perks is corporations starting to assist their employees with paying for college and education.  In recent years companies like McDonalds, Starbucks, and Arby’s are developing programs to assist employees with paying for college.  The general crutches for all of these plans generally include that the course has to be facilitated by an accredited university, you have to fill out an application process with the company you work for, and that you have to submit your tuition bill to said company.  Once again you need to check with the company you work for about the specifics and nuances of your plan.

Other smaller companies help pay for your education.  However, you need to take courses or pursue a degree that directly correlates with the business your employer competes in.  Some hotels and  IT companies will help pay for a business degree or courses associated with anything in the industry.  It comes down to reading that dang employee manual that everyone, including me, throws in the trash at home.  However, if you want to build a better life for yourself, you have to look at the bigger picture.  That includes what corporate America offers, if you want to achieve it.
As the economy changes, businesses are going to start offering better benefits to attract and anchor the best people they can get.  Whether you are Netflix or Facebook offering better maternity leave, or you are the local fast food joint offering to help your student workers pay for college, the ground is going to continue to shift to get the top talent.  Well maybe not, we are America after all.  Our workers don’t go on half of the paid vacation that we have earned.  Hey why go to beach when you can pay off your student loans?