The California Veteran Tuition Waiver

Here’s an interesting fact:  In the USA about one fifth of college graduates, when they get their degree, graduate debt free.  For a lot of my peers, that is a goal that will escape them.  If you are the child of a veteran, your parent was disabled over the course of their service, and you are a resident of California, try to get an appointment at your VA office so that you can discuss the California veteran tuition waiver.  This is a program that the state of California offers disabled veterans, so that their kids or dependents can get a degree.  If you qualify for the program, the state of California will waive the fees and tuition of any UC, California State, or state of California Community College.

I realize that those are horrible circumstances to get free tuition to get an education, but take advantage of it.  The cost savings that the California veteran tuition waiver offers to the families of veterans are massive.  That is money that you can save to buy special conveniences for your home, therapy, or setting up a personal safety net.  With a lot of stories coming in over the past few years of VA incompetence, this is a program that you should use to help your family get ahead.

With college increasingly getting more expensive, take advantage of this program if you qualify so that you can get your degree, and get a better paying job.  You owe it to yourself to give your family the best life that you can get them.  As citizens we owe it to our service members to get them and their families a fair shot at the American dream.  Personally, I wish to say, thank you for your service.