Student Loan Aid for Nurses

In the knowledge economy that we are transitioning to, the skills you develop are going to determine how much you make.  The days of paying people $30 an hour to perform monotonous tasks in a factory are over.  Now, in the new economy, it will be your ideas, and skills that you possess in your mind that will determine the amount of money you can make.  This will be a huge shift for nurses because with the doctor shortage coming up, nurses will be increasingly in demand.  Since healthcare is so important the government offers student loan aid for nurses as a sweetener. (more…)

The California Veteran Tuition Waiver

Here’s an interesting fact:  In the USA about one fifth of college graduates, when they get their degree, graduate debt free.  For a lot of my peers, that is a goal that will escape them.  If you are the child of a veteran, your parent was disabled over the course of their service, and you are a resident of California, try to get an appointment at your VA office so that you can discuss the California veteran tuition waiver. (more…)